More resources

Learn more about Christian Science, watch video testimonies, listen to lectures and more at the main webpage of the global Christian Science Church. is an online community of spiritual thinkers and healers exploring together how to follow Christ Jesus’ example and commandments in daily life.

The Media and Government Relations representative for Christian Science in the state of Maryland, Kate Johnson, writes a blog that applies Christian Science healing principles to daily issues and current events. 

The Christian Science JournalSentinel, and Herald Online — The Christian Science religious magazines have never been more accessible to subscribers. Now you can read them from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any device with an Internet connection. Visit

Read more about ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and the Christian Science Church’s relationship with other faiths and Christian denominations.

Community Connections

  • We participate in the Gaithersburg Interfaith Alliance
  • We are a member of Gaithersburg HELP, a local non-profit that helps area families in need